College Football Pick W/L
OSU @ Bama Bama L
Deveon Smith To win heisman L
U of M Wins Big 10 L
Jim Harbaugh Coaches U of M for at least 5 years Pending
NFL Pick W/L
NFL Draft Jameis way better than Mariotta Pending
NFL Draft Jameis #1 Pick W
NFL Draft No RB Will go in the 1st round L
Suh Free Agency to Sign with Lions L
PHI Eagles Demarco Murray / Bradford = Retarded W
PHI Eagles Will finish last in their division L
Mariota Will never be a starter in the nfl L
Lions Season Record 11-5 / 12/4 L
NFL Draft Lions will select a Defensive Lineman 1st L
Lions Will Win NFC North L
Jacksonville Jaguars Will Win AFC South L
Antonio Brown Will have better numbers than Julio L
NBA Pick W/L
NBA Championship OKC vs. Bulls L
NBA Championship OKC Wins L
Kobe Bryant Retiring Before 40 W
Kevin Durant TO Play for the Knicks L
Pinstons Make 2nd Rd L
Eastern Conference Finals Cavs Win W
Eastern Conference Finals Cavs Win in 7 Games L
NBA Finals Cavs Win L
NBA Finals Cavs Win in 6 Games L
Pistons Finish Top 3 in the East L
NBA Championship Cleveland Wins in 6 L
MLB Pick W/L
MLB Verlander Wins 20 Games L
MLB Price Wins 20 Games L
MLB Price Does not Get Traded L
Golf Pick W/L
Masters Tiger Woods top 3 Finish L
Political Pick W/L
Presidential Election There will never be another Republican president WRONG!
US Govt Will shift away from Capitalism with in 1,000 years Pending
Misc Pick W/L
Worthy Wedding Griffin will lose the security deposit L
Dechows Baby Girl W
GOT Mountain will save Cersei L
Detroit MAyor Will be Jalen Rose one day Pending
Penance Video Will not be Completed W
Raquel Fiorentino Will end up with Black Guy L
Bitches They Aint Shit W
Sara Feterolf Not really Lezzie, will end up with a dude Pending
Worthys Child Will call Dave by his first name Pending
Worthys Legal Troubles Will have a domestic violence charge pre divorce Pending