WFMR Bets and Awards

Bet Dave they do Anthony they dont
State Runs Table $25 2:1 odds
Harbaugh Stays more than 1 Year Chris and Al No Takers
$100 says he does
U of M vs MSU Dave MSU +7.5 No Takers
J Green Dave 7-15 overall pts Lukk Top 5
WFRM Playoffs $20 ea / Winner
Chris Tim
Worthy Jeremy
Dave Hines Maxx
Mulesollini HIV
U of M wins 4 of next 5 games Mule Says they Do Clint says No
2016 NFC North Winner Mule says Vikings Hineseler says Packers
Mike Glennon Al – Will not start by Week 10 Tim – Will start week 10
$10 Injury Voids Bet
Brandon Dunking at 40 years old Brandon thinks He will be able to Mule Says no
Trump Finishing out 1st Term Brandon Says Yes LDH says no
Patricia Lions Tenure will last only 2 seasons Dave Hines says 2 seasons or less Dear Leaders takes the over
Rockets make it to the NBA Finals Showtime Says the Do Lukkari Says the Do Not
Unintentional Racist Comment of the Year Al with his black field worker